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Mojtaba Asgari

Portrait von Mojtaba Asgari © Felix Schmale​/​TU Dortmund

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Raum 1.112
Otto-Hahn-Straße 3
44227 Dortmund

Tel: +49 231 755-7137
Fax: +49 231 755 -4105

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  • Mitarbeiter des AB Bewegung und Training
  • Theorie und Praxis: Fußball

2013 Physical Education Diploma from Takhti High School
2015 Bachelor at Islamic Azad University
2017 Master of Sport Injuries and Corrective Exercises at University of Tehran
2018 Lecturer at University of Tehran
2017-2018 Lecturer at University of Shahid Beheshti
seit 2019 PhD Student and Scientific Employee at Institute for Sport and Sports Science, TU Dortmund


  • Sports Injuries
  • Biomechanical Dynamometry
  • Differential Learning


Injury prevention and performance improvement in youth elite football players (Prof. Dr. Thomas Jaitner, Seyed Mojtaba Asgari; March 2020- July 2023)

Asgari, M., Alizadeh, M. H., Shahrbanian, S., Nolte, K., & Jaitner, T. (2022). Effects of the FIFA 11+ and a modified warm-up programme on injury prevention and performance improvement among youth male football players. Plos one, 17(10), e0275545.

Asgari, M., Nazari, B., Bizzini, M., & Jaitner, T. (2022). Effects of the FIFA 11+ program on performance, biomechanical measures, and physiological responses: A systematic review. Journal of sport and health science.

Asgari, M., Alizadeh, S., Sendt, A., & Jaitner, T. (2021). Evaluation of the Functional Movement Screen (Fms) in identifying active females who are prone to injury. A Systematic Review. Sports Medicine-Open, 7, 1-10.

Zarei, M., Abbasi, H., Namazi, P., Asgari, M., Rommers, N., & Rössler, R. (2020). The 11+ Kids warm-up programme to prevent injuries in young Iranian male high-level football (soccer) players: A cluster-randomised controlled trial. Journal of science and medicine in sport, 23(5), 469-474.

Asgari, S. M., & SHAHRBANIAN, S. (2019). Effects of a Warm up Program Consisted of Dynamic Stretch, Strength and Plyometric and Exercises (DSP) on Physical Health of Young Male Soccer Players with Prevention of Knee and Ankle Injuries Approach.

Conference contributions

Asgari, M., Jaitner, T., & Nazari, B. (2021). 207 Effects of the FIFA 11+ injury prevention programme on physical and technical performance, biomechanical measures and physiological responses.

Asgari, M., & Jaitner, T. (2021). 206 A dynamic warm up programme reduces knee and ankle injuries among youth male sub-elite football players.

Comparison of effects of the 11+ and modified 11+ warm up programs on prevention of injury, agility and dribbling speed among young male soccer players- 22th annual European college of sport science conferences. Germany- page 548- July 2017

Effect of a warmup program (plyometric - core stability- agility and dynamic stretch) on injury prevention- agility and dribbling speed in young male soccer players. conference paper- 10th international congress on sport sciences. April-2017. DOI:10.22089/10thconf.2017.193

Effect of 11+ warm up programme on improvement of performance in youth elite soccer players. first national conference on applied research in sports sciences- pages218-219,2016, Iran-Tehran